Rowena Griffiths

Rowena Griffiths

Chartered Financial Planner in London

FFM is a small, independent company based in Putney and the City. We are not owned by any fund management groups or tied to insurance companies. FFM stands for Female Financial Management; however, this refers to the type of advice offered, rather than the type of client advised.  We have many male and female clients and couples. We believe that female advisers are slightly more cautious in their approach than their male counterparts and our communication is jargon free.

Rowena was recently asked to appear on SKY TV's "Different Kind of Woman" chat show, to discuss Financial Planning generally. We hope you enjoy this video. (If your browser has any difficulties playing it you can see an alternative version here).

We pride ourselves on developing long term relationships with clients and aim to make what may seem complex financial products understandable. We specialise in pensions, investments, inheritance tax planning and work with specialists in the areas of group risk and mortgages

Within the firm, Rowena Griffiths is a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years’ experience in Financial Services. The initial consultation is offered at no cost to you. A typical client would be planning for retirement or seeking to maximise income. For younger clients, it is also essential to protect their families in the event of illness or loss of the main earner

Often clients have no idea how much they should be saving in order to retire or what they should be investing in. The process of financial planning involves looking at where you are today, identifying where you want to be in the future and what needs to be done to get there. In addition, Rowena works with clients in areas outside of traditional investing. For example, on death of a partner, clients often put themselves under pressure to make decisions, when actually the best advice would be to wait until later. 

You may find it useful to consider these 7 points useful when choosing an adviser;- 

  • If possible, obtain a recommendation from a friend or colleague

  • Ensure the adviser is independent and not restricted to a limited number of products

  • Ensure the adviser has suitable qualifications. A Certified or Chartered Financial Planner has the most widely accepted ‘gold standard’ of qualifications available

  • Does your financial adviser listen to you and put your financial objectives first?

  • Does your financial adviser keep the lines of communication open and respond to telephone call and emails?

  • Do they have access to specialists if required?

  • Do you trust them? If after meeting a financial adviser, you feel nervous and stressed out, that is a useful indicator that you may not be suited to each other.

Rowena is happy to meet you at your home or place of work in the City, Central or South West London. For unbiased advice, please contact us via the online enquiry forms on this site, or by email or telephone and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.